Community Fundraising Tips for Success

1.     Communicate Frequently! Typically, 4-5 reminders are needed before donors follow through to make their contribution or RSVP for an event. By posting or emailing more than once you increase the likelihood of your contacts seeing your fundraiser link at a time when follow through is convenient.

2.     Send at least four emails:

a.     Introduction. This email should be the most informative, telling people what you are fundraising for, why you are raising funds for that cause, your fundraising goal, and what you are asking from them (a donation, join your team and raise funds, share your link, etc.)

b.     Progress. About halfway to your event or campaign-end date, send out another email sharing your progress to goal.

c.     Final call to action. Send an email within one week or one day of your end/event date with a final progress amount and reminder to donate.

d.     Send an email at the conclusion of your fundraiser thanking everyone who has donated and sharing the total amount raised.

3.     Post to social media three times a day. Again, you never know when your contacts will be checking their newsfeeds, so you want to be sure you are visible. To avoid donor burnout, change the messaging in each of your posts to keep things fresh.

a.     Information post: what you are raising funds for. This is something you should post only once.

b.     Progress post: share your progress to fundraising goal with a reminder to donate. These posts should include a mission-focused statement (I’m just $250 away from funding XXX/from my goal of $XXX)

c.     Recognition post: express your gratitude for donations received and tag your donors.

d.     Final call to action posts: every day for the final week leading up to your event/end date, post a countdown and reminder for donations.

e.     Wrap-up post. Thank everyone who has donated, share your fundraising total. If you hosted an event, let everyone know your page will remain open for two more weeks.

Social Media Fun Tips:

1.     If you’re organizing an event and others are raising funds alongside you, try engaging them in a friendly competition on social media. Perhaps a battle of the sexes, or a race to the finish, or a competition for bragging rights. Post updates and tag your competitor(s) in each post (“The men have pulled ahead by $50! Help the women regain their lead and win the Battle of the Sexes!”). 

2.     When posting on Facebook, include the link to your fundraising page in a comment below your post rather than in the post itself (sharing a link in a status update will share a snippet of your website, which can be mistaken for you sharing an article – this can easily be overlooked by your contacts).

3.     Tag Virginia Mason Foundation and/or your beneficiary in social media posts.